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lederhosen rental

Welcome to the Bavarian Outfitters, the Lederhosen rental, Dirndl rental and bavarian costume rental in Munich

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Lederhosen rental

Do you want to rent a Lederhose, the traditional bavarian outfit with socks and dress shirt or a Dirndl and shoes? You are exactly right with the Bavarian Oufitters. We started to rent costumes around the Oktoberfest for more than 5 years ago.

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Corporate Clients

Do you are a large group of people that need to get delivered the costumes to your hotel? You may need service staff on site? We are more than a classic costume rental agency, we are your partner agency. Our references speak for themselves. With our support you will have a great experience on your company outing at the Munich Oktoberfest.

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During the Octoberfest you can easily pick up your Lederhosen, Dirndl or shoes in our shop. Just book your costume in advance. Without obligation you are able to rent your costume in about three easy steps.

Non-binding and absolutely free! Just choose your size and pick up date – that’s it. Payment is upon pickup. No payment details are required during the reservation process! 

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Are you planning a company outing to the Octoberfest? With Bavarian Outfitters your are at the right adress. We are working flexibly during the Oktoberfest and also support you all around in preparation. Since our existence the Bavarian Outfitters convert from a classic costume rental with Lederhosen and Dirndl to a full-service agency.

Lederhosen rental up to 5 persons

With our help you can quickly and easily get your costume. All you need is your dress size and the exact date, by now you can book your Lederhose, Dirndl or another costume in advance and assured in our reservation system. Alternatively you can visit our store even without reservation but we can not guarantee the availability of your size. Only during the Oktoberfest we have fixed opening times, if you want to rent a costume during the year you can visit our store after consultation.

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Bavarian Outfit rental for corporate clients

Our service for business customers:

  • delivery and pick-up in your hotel
  • onsite service with staff
  • delivery in personalized bags
  • multi-lingual staff
  • a high degree of flexibility

With a capacity of about 500 Lederhosen and 250 Dirndl we can also easily equip large groups. With our years of experience we will assist you right from the beginning of your planning. From the delivery of the costumes over mobile dressing room on site – we follow your needs and offer the right service.

Does a costume has to be expencive?

No! Most people don’t want to pay a lot for buying festive clothes especially if they worn rarely or only on special occasions (such as a visit to the Munich Oktoberfest). Bavarian Outfitters – The rental agency of Lederhosen with unbeatable price!

Lederhosen rental, the trend at the Octoberfest

There is no matter of thick calves or thin calves, the Lederhose is part of every Bavarian festival. Wearing a costume is now back in vogue, there is no reason to be embarrassed if you show up with Lederhosen in public.

Lederhosen rental

This is our passion.

We have continuously developed our business after starting with only a few Lederhosen and Dirndl. During the Oktoberfest about 10 people are working to offer you an impeccable costume. Tailors, bookers, personal assistents for our business partner and much more helping hands are working on daily business. Beside Lederhosen rental we also provide you in detail.

Sometimes it gets really hectic during the Oktoberfest but our employees always help you with questions and requests. This is what makes our service differnt from the classic costume rental. Service is our top priority – not only for corporate clients.

The Bavarian Outfitters confer Lederhosen in Munich. There is also the opportunity to rent a costume during the year but we don’t have fixed openig times. Please give us a call to make an appointment if you want to visit our store.

Bavarian Outfitters also send Lederhosen, Dirndl or Haferlshoes to differnt cities if you need. Whether you are planning a corporate event in Hamburg or a wedding in Cologne. We will support you with words and deeds. Just give us a call or send us an email.

Dirndl Rental

Not only Lederhosen are very trendy even more woman are choosing a traditional costume to go to the Oktoberfest. Our Warehouse includes more than 200 Dirndl with many variations, even large groups of people won’t look uniformed.

When selecting we particular paid attention on Dirndl with classic cut, not to short so it does not look stuffy or too conservative. All Dirndl of the Bavarian Outfitters are made of pure cotton and are comfortable to wear.

Take a look at our collection, you will find a small selection of our models. You are also welcome to visit our store first to get an idea of all the different models before you rent a Dirndl.