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Dirndl size

All our Dirndl have standard clothing sizes. Please simply select the appropriate size to convert international sizes. The converted clothing size will be displayed immediately.

U.S. U.S. (named sizes) U.K.
France D/A/NL/DK Italy
Australia Japan

The converted size is:


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More precisely?

Please use our height chart with waist measurements and chest measurement to determine your Dirndl size. Here you get an overview of all available sizes in different international units for Dirndl, Lederhosen and shoes.

Lederhosen size

Men have it much easier.
If you do not know your clothing size just use your jeans size (width). Alternatively with the “U.S. Named “sizes.

Jeans Size (width in Inches) U.S. (named sizes) D/A/NL/DK

The converted size is:


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Shoe sizes

Al of our Haferlshoes have german standard sizes. Please select your international shoe size and you will get your right size immediately.


The converted size is:


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