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  • Lederhose

    32,90 € / day*
  • 10 different models

  • size 44-64

  • *return the text day until 12:00 pm

  • second day of rental 50% of the price

  • 09:00 am - 12:00 pm on following day

  • short and knielang Lederhose

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  • Lederhosen Set

    49,90 € / day*
  • Lederhose, socks & costume shirt

  • *return the next day until 12:00 pm

  • 10 different models of Lederhosen & many different shirts

  • already at 09:00 am

  • maximum of rental 27 hours

  • second day 50 % of the price

  • Rent now
  • Dirndl

    42,90 € / day*
  • Apron and blouse included

  • return the following day until 12:00 pm

  • second day only 50% of the price

  • size 32 - 52

  • pick up from 09:00 am

  • many different models

  • Rent now


  • Haferlschuhe

    19,90 € / day*
  • suede and smooth leather

  • many different models

  • return on following day until 12:00 pm

  • second day 50% of the price

  • third day 25% of the price

  • Rent now

Costume rental for groups

Are you planning a trip as a group and need several Lederhosen or Dirndl? From 10 persons we offer individual deals. Just contact us at:

Tel: +49 89 13948485

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During the Octoberfest you are able to pick up your costume at our store ( Auenstrasse 31, 80469 München) from 9:00 am and return at 6:00 pm. If you want us to deliver your costume to a hotel please inform us.


We need a deposit about 100 Euro or your personal ID for every costume you pick up. You will get back your deposit right after return of your costume. You have to pay by cash.

Why to rent a costume?

Meanwhile you can buy a Lederhose for less than a 100 euro. Does it make sense to rent a Lederhose?

Yes! You can choose a costume from many different models of Lederhosen, Dirndl and other coustume accessoires with high quality. No Lederhose that you sweat in too much because it is made out of plastic or no Dirndl that is tearing at the seams after wearing it just once at the Oktoberfest. Without high investment you have the opportunity to rent a stylish Outfit with an unbeatable price. We don’t take fee for cleaning the costume. It is a special service of Bavarian Outfitters that our clients don’t have to worry about.

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